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Removal of mature trees on Stroud Green

Felling of trees paves the way for a new green future

Posted by: Communications team on 17 January 2024 16:30
2024-felled tree at Stroud Green

During a recent detailed tree inspection of the Italian Poplars on Stroud Green, we have identified several mature trees showing evidence of basal decay and wood embrittlement. This means over the next few days, we will need to cut down six affected trees that have been identified in the inspection.

The mature Italian Poplars on Stroud Green were planted in the late 1960s and generally have a life span of about 50 to 60 years. However, as they mature, the lower stems start to develop basal cavity formation with decay extending into the roots, leading to a reduction in structural stability and an increase in stem hollowing.

Over time, this leads to spreading wood dysfunction and reduced strength, which increases the chances of limb and stem failure, seen more frequently in species with weaker wood qualities such as poplars.

The decision to remove the mature trees has been further accelerated due to safety concerns to the public as four trees have fallen in the last three years during high winds and storms: two across Racecourse Road and two onto the green.

Cllr Janine Lewis, Executive Member for Public Health, Culture, Leisure, Sport, and Countryside at West Berkshire Council, said:

"We appreciate that these trees are locally significant and well recognised, as the trees served a purpose to protect royalty and add to the grandeur as an avenue of green guards on duty.

"To continue the legacy, as enjoyed by the late Queen, we intend to plant new trees to replace the ones taken away and will work to create a similar tree-lined avenue which will have an appealing view for all generations who pass under the boughs to enjoy."

Over the next 12 months it is likely that the remaining trees will have to be felled due to the decaying processes.

We aim to engage with the public in discussions about these iconic trees and invite you to share your views on what trees to plant by contacting us at:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate these necessary measures for the safety and sustainability of our community.

Last modified: 17 January 2024 16:39

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