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West Berkshire Elections 2023

Information about the elections in West Berkshire on 4 May 2023.


All 43 seats on West Berkshire Council were up for election.

You can view the result by party and view the results for each ward.


Towns and Parishes

Contested elections

Voting took place in the towns and parishes below:

East IIsley Parish Council

Newbury Town Council

Stanford Dingley Parish Council

Thatcham Town Council

Uncontested elections

All other towns and parishes had fewer candidates than seats which means they were uncontested. You can see  those with at least one candidate on our Notices of Election for Uncontested Parish Elections 2023 page.

No nominations

There were four parishes or parish wards where no nominations were received. This means there were no candidates for this election. You can see these on our Notices of No Nominations Received for Parish Elections 2023 page. New elections will be held soon.


Other Information

There's more information and advice view our Voting and Elections pages.

You can view all the notices of election here.

You can view all the notices of poll here.

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