Cleaning Road Signs

As the Highway Authority, we are required to maintain road signs and road markings.  Due to reducing maintenance budgets, we now only maintain signs and lines on a priority basis, with regulatory signs as the highest priority.

Therefore, we rarely clean signs unless there is a safety concern.

What can my town or parish council do?

If you have dirty road signs in your area, you can maintain them to a higher standard by more regular washing of the sign face. If you want to start cleaning signs in your area, please get in touch with us.

There is also the option for town and parish councils to pay West Berkshire Council to carry out more sign cleaning in their area. Please contact us to discuss this further.

What do I need?

We've listed the method statement which should provide advice and guidance on performing these works safely:

Online versionPDF download
Cleaning Road Signspdf icon Cleaning Road Signs [20kb]

You'll need to have the appropriate insurance in order to carry out these works. Please read our Insurance Guidance for more information.

Do you need some equipment or training to carry out this service? See our funding page for more information.