Devolution with West Berkshire

Councillor Marcus Franks talks about devolution in West Berkshire and what support is available to help town and parish councils carry out services and tasks in their areas. "Communities helping themselves" - this is a priority in our Council Strategy. We want devolution to help local communities to add value locally.

We are committed to helping devolution happen in West Berkshire. We've developed a devolution programme to help sustain locally-led service delivery, and adopted a framework for town and parish councils to have an increased role in service delivery.

We've made all the resources and information available to help your town or parish council add value to the things that matter in your community.  

Shaping a Devolution Deal is entirely voluntary, but we'd like to encourage as many town and parish councils to sign up as possible. If you're interested in getting involved, please get in touch.

We're going to pilot the devolution programme with a small number of town and parish councils, before we make it available for all town and parish councils. There is a fund of £400,000 available to support town and parish councils wishing to add value to their local areas.